Black Water treatment

The Tricel unit is a complete domestic & commercial wastewater treatment system based on submerged aerated filter processes which guarantees a high quality product and exceptional perfomance.

Product Category: Waste Water Recycling

Using potable water for gardens, construction, washing vehicles using hose-pipes, filling swimming pools,spraying or washing of pavements etc are some of the major factors leading to shortage of water. All water users should limit the amout of water used in these applications so as to save the little water we have left in our dams and boreholes.

Sanctity offers domestic black water (Toilet water) recycling system called “Tricel” that can help reducing water bills for the user whilst conserving water for the country.

How it Works:

The system is divided into three stages/segments, each of which play a very vital role in the treament of the water.

Stage 1: Primary Settlement Chamber

Anaerobic breakdown takes place in the primary settlement chamber where the wastewater is introduced into the system. The large volume of this chamber reduces velocity of the wastewater. This along with the long flow path allow the wastewater maximum time in the first chamber resulting in a higher settlement rate. Settlement occurs when the heavier solids, drop out of the wastewater and settle to the bottom of the tank to create sludge or when lighter solids, like fats or oils, float to the top of the water to create a scum. Up to 70% of the solids are removed in primary settlement zone. Anaerobic breakdown begins to occur and improve the water quality. A baffling system holds the sludge and scum in the primary settlement zone and ensures that water from the centre of the chamber moves into the aeration zone. The large sludge storage volume increases the desludging intervals.

Stage 2: Aeration (treatment) Chamber

Stage 2 takes place in the aeration chamber where submerged aeration combines the principles of the biofilm and activated sludge processes. Masses of naturally occurring bacteria inhabit specially designed plastic filter media. The filter media, has large surface area, and is supported within the aeration zone. As the liquid flows slowly through the filter media the bacteria feed on the waste removing them from the liquid. These bacteria are sustained with air, which is continuously supplied from a purpose built low pressure, high volume air compressor in the top section of the unit. The air is delivered through a diffused aeration system, which break the air into bubbles as they are dispersed through the aeration zone. The continuous circulation of the wastewater within the aeration zone means that the wastewater is passed through the filter media over and over, thus ensuring very high treatment efficiency. The purified liquid is then passed into the final settlement zone.

Stage 3: Final Settlement Chamber

As the liquid flows from the aeration zone into the final settlement zone small quantities of bacteria may be carried with the liquid. Before discharge from the system, these solids must be separated from the liquid. With the velocity of the liquid once again slowed down and the flow path maximised the bacteria is encouraged to settle to the bottom of the tank, like sludge, through the up flow nature of the zone. A sludge return system pumps this sludge back to the primary settlement zone. The remaining treated liquid now meets the required standard to be safely passed out of the system.

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